Falsely Accused and Attorneys who represent them

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20th International Conference

Child Abuse Allegations:

Scientific Fact & Reason vs. Myth & Emotion

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  1. Rep Ruined says:

    I was recently accused of grabbing a child in school and the allegation was completely false. There were witnesses and a video. I have now been asked to resign. The reason given is that I was not a good teacher. I came into a classroom after the first 9 weeks of the school year and the students were way behind. The teacher who was in the class had been there 17 years and had not planned to return this past year. She was a very nice lady yet the students were way behind. When I was brought in, and after 18 days with the students, some of them made some very serious “false accusations.” Eventually, I was accused of grabbing a child. The students later recanted and said I touched his arm to get his attention. This was also false. I had to go on medical leave this past week, because of a previous injury, and 2 days later I was brought to a meeting and told I need to resign. I have not yet resigned and I have until Jan. 31st. I asked if I would not resign on what basis would they terminate me on. They will not respond. My reputation is ruined. The child who falsely accused me has had zero accountability and is still in school. I need help. What do you suggest I do?

    • admin says:

      Email sent

    • Jane says:

      So you’re saying that none of that happend

    • Jane says:

      I’m not saying your guilty. But there is usually a little truth in a lie. You must have done something to piss someone off and they are making you pay for it big time. Get a lawyer and make sure everyone knows you will fight to the block .org bitter end. If sharks smell a little blood They will circle their pray until it is to week to fight any more. Your not the prey. You keep fighting and most importantly Never Change your original story. Listen… Your not alone.I will pray for you every night. You’l Get through this girl!

  2. Loni Marie Atzenhoefer says:

    Good Morning,
    I am writing today in hopes that you could give me some direction or any kind of information that will help not only myself, but my 4 amazing daughters! I am a firm believer that we need the judicial system and all the branches serve their purpose. Almost everyone gets a fair trial, 2nd Chances, treatment options… etc. I was diagnosed with chronic kidney stones in my late 20s, and to date~ I have had 20. Most need to be removed by surgery & 8 times out of 10 the kidney stone gets stuck inside of me due to a deformed uretur. Long story short~ stones are extremely painful and episodes for me can last from a couple days to over 6 months. About 6 years ago ~ I had to go into inpatient treatment due to an opiate addiction! Yes I still get the stones but I’m stronger then I thought & make it without the narcotics. But I will add~ my addiction was to my own medicine that I was prescribed… Since that happened and I ask for help in getting off of the opiates, I cannot believe the judgement that is passed on me. My (ex) husband was abusive ~ he had borderline Personality Disorder & I didn’t know about this nor the abuse until I was already married to him. After 5 years of hell, I asked for a divorce… Thid is where my story starts… the day I left~ he said I pay for leaving him and I ignored his normal threats because I just wanted to get my kids out of there… well turns out ~ he called CPS. I’m not 100% on what he said to them, but we live in a small town ~3,000 people… everyone knows everyone… plus I was previously (1-2 years prior) a part time jailer, so everyone knew who I was and that I was in recovery for over 3 years. I didn’t have a criminal record, etc… But I had never told anyone about the abuse at home… the physical abuse was under a hand full of times, but the emotional ~ intimidation was daily…. my now ex had punishments for me and at 1 point caught every single kitten we had in our farm (23 total), one by one with a fishing net & killed them with him bare hands or by throwing them against the buildings… When the girls and I returned home, my ex stated that’s what you get for leaving… I had to lie to my girls and state that I didn’t know where all the kittens went but I knew all their bodies were on the top floor of the old barn. That’s just 1 example but the only people I told anything to were my mom, sister & my therapist. Actually my therapist is the only
    Person I told pretty much everything to… at least for the major accounts of abuse. So on with the story, my ex calls CPS and tells them that I had relapsed on drugs and took of with our children, & he had no idea where I was… although I had texted him after I left & then t credit him again to Let him know where we were headed. Of course he didn’t relay this info on & my phone battery died. We headed to the closest town with shopping in it~ after we decided it was too cold to swim… I was shopping at Once Upon A Child when 2 officers came in the store. After I walked out with them~ there was 3 police cars behind me… I let them go through my purse, my car & question my children… & I’ll never forget their response… They stated that they were more worried about us going home then anything. We had to wait till an officer or CPS person came from our county. Well an hour later, they did. They never asked me anything, they took my girls & asked if I would produce a UA & I of course agreed. She took me across the street to the Cub Foods and we went in there to produce the sample. She stated that if it came back clean then my girls would be returned to me, for that night they were going to my moms. Well I knew I was sober~ I take any and all prescribed meds as prescribed & I have years to not only show that, a Dr who specializes in Opiate addiction was the person who had t all. I was on a low dose of Suboxone & to be in the program that I was~ it was very strict, but if you were serious about recovery… there shouldn’t be an issue. Well I didn’t have one. I had been in this program over 3 years to that point & never failed a UA or etc. Anyhow, I didnt get to see the results from my UA which I thought was odd ~ she just closed it up and left right away, so tthe next day we were suppose to meet at around 8am & I was there at 7:30 ready! She finally came to get me at 8:30 & states that I failed the UA & I told her that it is impossible & I wanted to know what I supposedly failed it with ~ she stated opiates or a narcotic that would flag that area. I told her and showed her the prescriptions I had with him & it could have been the Suboxone but she was sending it in for he specifics, Well I was appoint an attorney 3 days later, I couldn’t go home because after she gave me the ‘supposed’ results , I used that time to confess to all the abuse that was happening at the house & I even told her places that she could find the animal bodies… because I had caught him doing some other things but I believe I literally stuffed it and numbed it so deep that I was pretty much disconnected. I just wanted my kids as I had been with them since day one. Also primarily a stay at home mom~ they are all I knew & all I wanted! So I waited for these results & everyday I called… I called actually everyday for over a month and they said it hadn’t come back… finally my lawyer called the felony prosecutor to ask him for these because it had been 6 weeks, I had taken other UA’s and no results (they are now sending them straight to the lab so they can be broken down specially!!! ALWAYS REQUEST THESE IF YOU KNOW YOU SRE SOBER!!!) The prosecutor was surprised but within a couple days supplied the results… NEGATIVE! I was not positive for anything! Not even the Suboxone ~ it’s a synthetic Opiate, completely different, there’s no high or etc. anyways so we kept trying to get into court to
    Get it dismissed… I worked my butt off on my case, knowing a court appointed lawyer can only do so much… but even he knew what was happening was wrong. Through those 4 months, it was hell~!thats all I’ll say but I UA’d whenever they asked~ even the random sporadic requests on the drop of a dime~ I NEVER FAILED ONE!!! After trial, I found my ex couldn’t keep his lies straight & the judge saw through it. My case was dismissed and the kids were to be given back immediately ~ but the judge stated in his orders that Dale proved himself to be deceitful. Bingo! Well the other part that helped my case was that my therapist was documenting everything I told her, so at trial she submitted a report (that I didn’t get to see till trial) & it literally backed up everything I said, all the abuse, the timesframes, etc. Even though they never took what I told her about the abuse seriously & tried to say I was using that excuse to deflect the attention from me. I couldn’t believe it. I worked with some of these people and because I was a former ‘addict’ my word meant nothing? Seriously? THEY NEVER LOOKED INTO ANY OF THE ALLEGATIONS!!! I guess my court case changed the way that Faribault Cty does those types
    Of cases or at least that’s what my lawyer told me… But what I can’t , for the life of me, figure out how they (CPS/etc) can come and take a persons children based on someone’s word & then continue to keep the kids away even after they know they screwed up. Lying on affidavits (one I can prove), completely biased… but the worst part about his story is the damage it still has on my kids… they have night terrors & they don’t trust the judicial system anymore. I ended up going back into court over a custody & the same GAL that was on that case was assigned to this one. She was unbelievably biased & made direct lies in her report that I couldn’t wait to have confronted at trial
    But we settled out of court. Here it turns out that this GAL that was on those cases had broke Confidentiality on my case (specifics I won’t share here) & I was never notified. My aunt happened to be a part of that broken Confidentiality & that’s how I found out. Well over a year passed and my ex wants to go back into court for a modification on custody over his ridiculous accusations again~ & they assigned this GAL. Well I had lost my patience. I believe the intention behind a GAL’s position is good at heart… but it’s finding someone who is not biased and that leaves their opinions out of. I have a list of criteria that this GAL didn’t follow according to their or MN guidelines & this GAL is dramatically affecting not only my life, but lots and lots of children’s! I took the initiative to email anyone and everyone I could think of… every person on the MN Board of GAL’s (Guardian Et Litems) Plus representatives, state leaders, etc! Well… IT WORKED! The gentleman who is in charge of my district (along with many others whom I emailed) emailed me back. Not only was this GAL immediately removed from my case, he let me know that I was not the only one who had reported her & not the only one who reported her about MY case! By the time they found out about the Confidentiality Break – we had settled out of court. Unbelievable… I almost feel like these people hate me and are out to do something or another because I won in court against their allegations… I was one of the first cases in years & how they UA’d people & results, etc all changed after my case and I hope so. The guidelines are there for a reason and these are people’s lives and children we are talking about. I need to know if I have enough to sue the county… How do I find a legit lawyer for this process & is there a statue of limitations? I’m very intelligent but there is emotions ties to all this for me & I feel that can cloud someone’s judgement. Of course there is a lot more to these cases but the just of it is there… please any advice would be greatly appreciated!

    Mommy Of 4 in MN

  3. Hope says:

    I recently found out after a background check thru work that I a substantiated neglect on my record. Though I never received a disposition letter this supposedly happened in 2011.My daughter is the alleged victim. I have put an appeal in since I did not get this letter.I never had any criminal charges or every went to court. I had to leave my career that I have been doing for over a year over this mess. How do I get my name off this registery? How can this happen. My kids have always been in my care.And they won’t tell me what the allegations are CPS that made them mark me. The daughter who was supposed alleged victim is upset,because it is not true. She has medical issues and was a troubled teen and I asked the courts and outside services for help for her and now I feel like I am being punished for trying to get her help. I never lost custody of her or her siblings. Any advice?

  4. Mrs Gee says:

    My son mentally ill son was illegally taken out of my custudy. I told the Dr that I was going to sue them for my son worsening condition, and then came a bar age of allegations of abuse. They tried to say I was medically neglectful because I had tried to take him out of this hopital to put him in another. To make a long story short, Dr devised ‘new’records and had every entity that I had summons for help for my son, to substantiate that I had abused him. When I made good in my promise they kicked him out of the hospital and had him put in their dear friends hands,CPS. I say friends because they were seen hugging in the corridor. The Dr had contended that I wanted to keep my son institutuinalized. He had him lie on the stand as well as medical professionals lie to substantiate abuse. Even the CPS worker lied of abuse. In the end I proved my innocence with CPS. My son ended up taking his lie a lititle over 2 weeks ago. So much negligence. They failed my son. I found YouTube videos on suicidal songs and on how he was sorry for lying on me and songs depicting he wanted to come home. He enlisted in the Army which only lasted 2 months because of his illness. Before he left the military he was hospitalized in their medical center. He was discharged to a independent living set up where he had his own apt. I warned them telling them from the get go he needed to be in a mental hospital. The staff at this facility admitted that they were supposed to have checked for weapons and didn’t
    They were supposed to check on him I believe every hour. The last they ‘checked’ was 10 p.m a few hours before his suicide. The check they conducted was just a walk by his window. They contend that his radio and light were on so they thought he was asleep. They didn’t come in with a key until 2 am which they then found him dead. Please help me. I want the hospital to pay, CPS(supervisor was forced to resign because of her false report and many of the staff at the hospital are no longer there in fear of their jobs. Even the police had wrote a false report to facilitate the removal of my rebel son, because he didn’t want him coming back to a religeons home due to his wanting to pursue a lifestyle of a sinner. Each and every time I complained the police dept would send their helicopter over our home. Once I complained, which was a few days after his 18 birthday. Well guess what? I made a complaint on my court appointed lawyer who railroaded me and then the he located flies over our home 18 times!

    Please help. I have tried to submit this case to court and they keep kicking it down because they said defects occur. The lawyers here have the good ole boy syndrome. They don’t want to go against one another or fight CPS or the police dept which they say they all have immunity. Even the school principle was in on the scandal. He purgered himself and I am pursuing a suit against him as well. I am tired of fighting now especially since I just lost my son. I need help in finding a lawyer that can practice out of their home state.

    Thank you.

  5. Kenya Haynesworth says:

    My son is 17 and is being accused of raping my niece. She is accusing him and the day she claimed it happened he was at work..she got caught having sex and smoking weed..she is 13..I was the one to tell my sister about her smoking weed on a social media site..my niece thought my son told…and this when she made the statement about him. Suppose to have happened Oct 25 2017..at my mother’s…but on this day I can recall all of my family being at my mother’s…i was off on my 7 days from work and my mother house is like a meeting place so we all go over to sit at her house. So on yesterday they took her to the doctor because of a discharge…she told the doctor’s she was raped by my son…please note she has been having sex, sneaking out the house, being caught with an 18 year old, still drinking and smoking…so now dss is involved..she told them she did not want to press charges..but my question is can dss press charges upon my son..several family members find this hard to believe that it ever happened as far as how my mother’s house is set up and that it is always people there..my mother stays in a small trailer her bedroom room is maybe three to four steps from her bathroom..right across the hallway..my niece claim my mother went to take a shower and my son came in my mother’s room where she was pulled down her pants and pulled down his pants and raped her..my mother do not shower long and she gets dress in her bedroom in which all this is suppose to happen within mintues..i asked her why she did push him away or scream if this was the case..because my niece has a bad temper and attitude so it is hard to believe that she would not say anything to him..she has attempted to fight my brother and also her mother so why not scream out to my mother if this is happening..this is my son last year in school and he is going into the air force..only trouble he gotten into is a fight this year with my nephew at school and they locked him up and he had to do community service hours that he completed…i don’t understand why she is carrying on with this lie..but it is taking a toll on my son..he works and goes to school..but as I said the date she said it happened he was at work and someone is always at my mother’s house..i can recalled on this day making dinner myself for the family..please tell me how can I protect my son from these lies..

  6. Shane Richmond says:

    What do you do when your family member is being falsely accused of child sexual assault, I know without a doubt he is innocent. He cannot afford to hire a private attorney and is relying on a public defender. I have called numerous attorneys and they want anywhere from 10,000 to 70,000 dollars!! No one in my family can afford that! Should we be worried about using a public defender?

  7. Regina says:

    On may 22nd my son was dismissed of charges for permitting abuse and endangering welfare of a minor until a DNA test could be established that he was the child’s father. The DNA was not established until December also he stated that he would have to sign a affidavit stating he wanted to be recognized as the legal father after DNA was established from may 22 to mid December the DNA was not established till mid December they still held him in the jail on the dismissed chargees is that wrongful imprisonment all though he did later sign the affidavit and plead guilty

  8. jason m shorter says:

    I have 4 sons. The two oldest are 14 and 15 from a previous marriage. My ex was unstable, filed false charges against me and orders of protection when she was pregnant with my 14 year old so I left the relationship. I found a new girlfriend who I’m with today and we share two other sons 10 and 5.
    In 2009 my ex wife, the mother of the 14 and 15 year old, got arrested for Assaulting her second husband and tried to leave with my kids. I got our judge to side with me on custody and still technically retain Physical Custody of both of them. She fled the state and hardly saw them or called for the next 5 years.
    In 2014.2015,2016 she took an interest in her sons and began visiting 1/2 the summer which I thought was great. In 2016 I was almost willing to let her have them for the school year until I found disturbing messages between her and my oldest. He was mad she wasn’t there the whole summer, there was no food, and he was being left for long periods of time to care for her other child, etc. So I ended the visit and told her to return the kids.
    My oldest came home and just stopped doing school work, chores, talking back, bullying his younger brothers, and just being mean. We grounded him, took away his electronics, and told him to get his grades up and his behavior under control. Around Thanksgiving time he got physical with his younger brother and I told him to go stand outside and I’d be out to talk to him. He left to his friends house and made up some story about how I threw him down the stairs and kicked him out of the house which prompted the caring neighbors to call CPS on me. My son ended up telling the CPS people he made it up because he was afraid he’d be in trouble at home for running away. I think thats the end of it and the rest of the week is fine.
    Then a little over a week later I found him with his brother pinned to the floor in the kitchen and told him to sit in the chair away from him. He became irate and started swearing at me and calling me names, threatened to call cps on me, call the cops on me, and that his younger brother never got punished. I walked over to him and told him to stop. He got up and lunged at me and I slapped him across the face. I’ve never done that ever. He’s only been spanked twice in his life by me but I slapped him. He must have ducked a little because later I found he had a tiny bruise on his eyelid totally unintentional.
    So I call his grandmother, my mother, and tell her that hes out of control and I slapped him. I needed her to take him and talk to him. So she does. I decided that he was out of control and he should go to his mothers so she can get a handle on him since he would be the only child in her care. My mom volunteers to drive and meet my ex halfway from NY to NC. I also mention that I will have to reschedule the testing results with my sons doctor so don’t worry about the appointment.
    He goes to his moms after a lengthy talk about whats expected of him and her. Pass school, join a club or sport, have discipline. None of those things happen so I tell his mother. She tells him that I’m trying to get him in trouble from NY and forms an alliance with him against me or coming back to NY. I find out 2 weeks later that I’ve been indicated for child maltreatment for allegations I didn’t know existed. Then when I finally get the mom to agree to return him I get a custody petition filed against me alleging that my ex and my son “feared for their lives”. I filed a Writ to return my child that was never mentioned after the first court appearance for custody.
    Now I have had CPS called on me every other week by my mother who initially reported me and took my kid to the doctors appointment. I have CPS that indicated me when I didn’t even know the allegations existed. I just had the hearing Pro Se to try and overturn the indicated report. I’m still in trial for custody. And now I have all these CPS allegations that will be unfounded but have them showing up at my kids school every other week taking them out of class. What can I do to stop the CPS harrassment? Who do I get justice for my mom using CPS as a weapon to harrass me? How long does a judge have to decide a Writ? I’m so frustrated. My life was awesome until everyone decided they were a better parent than me.

    A Damn Good Dad

  9. Jeneva says:

    My name is Jeneva. I grew up in foster care in forsyth county nc as a child. I have been told that although my biological mother signed the papers giving them custody of me, she did not have the legal authority to do so. I was told my grandmother had legal custody of me. I requested my records from dss and was refused. Any how as a result of being in foster care and adoptions, i suffered a lot of mental, physical, and sexual abuse for many years.
    To trim long story shorter, i have been through some things and a bad marriage and all leading up to me being a mom of 5 boys. Two of my 5 boys have mental health issues one being more severe and has done things to his younger brother etc. We (current husband and I) have been dealing with unusual behaviors and therapists and mental health providers for theses 2 for 10+ years. About 2 years ago, one of the boys was in need of mental health placement again according to his therapist and the other one started refusing his meds and started using drugs. Well after 1 year of dealing with false cps reports and mental health not helping the boys with their needs, CPS decided to take custody of both of those 2 leaving the other 3 home. Since them taking custody, we have been threatened about loosing the others, harassed about them wanting us to redo therapy or parenting classes and everything that we have already done. Meanwhile, they meaning cps had to be ordered 3 times by the court before they even got one of the boys to the dentist. It is still a lot more to this story with records and all that I prefer not to detail here about this case and my kids. However, I feel like my family is being harrassed and treated unfair and I need help PLEASE!!

  10. Don says:

    My 27 year old niece is accusing my ex-wife and I of sexually molesting her when she was 14 and living with us.
    This never happened. I got a call from a detective. I immediately called a Lawyer. Paid her $1,500. She called me, asked me to take a pollygragh test. I don’t have enough money to change lawyers, I feel like she too is thinking I’m guilty. I’m confused and have no idea what to do. In search of help.

  11. Helen says:

    Help! My 17 yr old daughter and 8 month old grand daughter live with me. She took her baby to fix for concern of strange bruises in her ears. Doc called the and they then did a whole work up in baby. They found 5 fractures. Of course this caused lots of crying and concern. They took her baby from her and gave her to her ex boyfriend mother the baby’s father then raided my house and took all of our phones even my 12 and 14 year olds. Since then we’ve had court and all agreed baby was abused if theres fractures but it wasn’t by anyone here. She only gets 1 1/2 hours 2 times a week with her baby and has to wait a whole nother month before another court date. They are refusing to give back our phones also

  12. Victoria Iacopelli says:

    I am going through indescribable mental and physical torture due to being unjustly accused of being an unfit mother. The following does not contain ALL details, but will give you some idea of what I am going through, and all through no fault of my own.

    To begin:
    1. In November 2017, I being eight months pregnant, my friend had taken me in his car to my ob/gyn appointment (since I didn’t have my own transportation). It was on our way back home that he wanted to first make a stop at his friend’s house. At that point, a narcotics squad intercepted us. I was pulled out of the car and thrown to the ground on my stomach and was then kneed in my back while handcuffing me, thus leaving my stomach and arms quite bruised. All that was found in his car were two straws beneath his seat, of which I had no previous knowledge. Turning off their microphones, the narcotics agent told us that they, for the time being, would not arrest us if we within a certain amount of time (to be determined by them) would supply them drug dealer names. My friend knew of one and gave them the name. I, not knowing any, could supply none. Being sore and quite frightened, my friend and I were then told to sign a paper in agreement of supplying them drug dealer names. I never heard from them again, but later learned that they did keep in contact with my friend. My question is this: If any illegal drugs were found in his car, why then did they not arrest us on the spot? To me, the agreement we were made to sign was blackmail on the part of these narcotic agents.

    2. It was on February 17th that three Hall County deputies entered my home and arrested me. My then 7 week old baby was taken from my home along with all his belongings. My grandmother, whom I live with, called the narcotics agent in charge to tell him to please go to the jail, as I had nothing to do with whatever being arrested for. He said he would not do so and then hung up on her with the words, “your call is non-productive.” The friend whose vehicle I was in and I were then charged with the possession of heroine. I cannot understand why because the police never did find any such drug when searching my friend’s car. This alleged charge has not yet gone to court, but the person’s car I was in did, however, testify at last week’s hearing that I had no knowledge of what was alleged to have been found in his car. This did not help because between the foster woman who now has my baby, the judge, and even my court appointed attorney have all deemed me guilty. To me, this hearing was nothing more than a typical “kangaroo court.” I was not only ridiculed by the prosecuting attorney for my physical disability of not being able to work, but also mocked for not being able to remember certain dates.

    3. There have so far been 3 caseworkers involved. Not one has ever come to my home to see what sort of home we have and how much my baby has for all his needs…yet, they have perjured themselves in court by not only lying about a number of incidents, but have also labeled me as being unfit along with placing my name on the ‘child abuse registry’.

    5. Ms. Angela Green, my first assigned DFCS caseworker, had under oath perjured herself by swearing in her report to the court that I am an unfit mother. Her report is purely speculation on her part since she has never been to my home to pass any type of judgment as to my baby’s care and surroundings, nor of me. I have found her to be more prejudicial rather than judicial in her actions, i.e.: The many times I had called her re visiting my baby (as was court ordered), Ms. Green on multiple occasions rudely hung up on each call, thereby denying me my first six visits. Also, I had made every attempt to comply with all of Ms. Green’s terms, only to have her thwart each attempt to include all hospital records, which after sending them to her were somehow conveniently lost. After a number of e-mails to DFCS director, Ms. Holly Campolong, I was then assigned to Ms. Pam O’Brien, the next caseworker.

    6. The prejudice and defamation to my character was now passed on to Ms. Pam O’Brian. She, too, instead of meeting me and visiting my home picked up where Ms. Green left off, thereby resulting in the violation of my legal right to visitation, which Ms. Green originated. In spite of a multitude of calls to Ms. Pam O’Brien, I still was not able to get in touch with her re my visitation rights. I then went to her DFCS office where told by the clerk at the window that she would call in the back to her. Some minutes later, the clerk advised me that I should instead expect a call later that day from a Ms. Christy Ledlow. Not hearing from her that day, I again contacted Ms. Campolong who then arranged that I be contacted re my visitation rights.

    7. As to the reason for my not appearing at the first court hearing scheduled for Monday, March 12th, it was on the previous Friday, March 9th at 12:30 p.m. that I was first served papers to appear in court (the serving deputy marked those papers as being served at 12 noon). Up until then I still did not have legal representation. The next day, being Saturday, March 10th, I finally received a letter advising me the name of my court appointed attorney. Early Monday morning (March 12th), I was finally able to get through to Ms. O’Brien and explained that because I had just been notified by mail on Saturday of having an attorney and due to my inability to contact my attorney on the weekend, asked her if the hearing could be continued in order to prepare for representation. She advised me that due to that reason I did not have to go to that hearing, and (on speaker phone which was overheard by others) she claimed that it was up to her and not my attorney to request another hearing and would immediately do so. This never happened. The hearing did in fact take place, wherein Ms. Greene, the first caseworker) attended that hearing and went on to falsely testify (under oath) of my being an unfit mother.

    8. On March 29th, I received certified mail from the Child Abuse Registry of my having been placed on their list. Within those papers it states that if I disagree, I am required to go to Atlanta in order to dispute this allegation. These papers contain misinformation such as my baby being neglected on the days due to my being incarcerated from Feb 2nd-Feb 10th. I was, in fact, incarcerated from February 17th to Feb 26th, during which time my baby was at that point in the care of his paternal grandfather. The day he was taken by the grandfather, there were present in my home, my grandmother, a neighbor, the grandfather and his daughter, therefore the allegation of my baby being left alone at that time is erroneous. I have never in the slightest ever abused, nor neglected nor ever left my baby, as those papers claim.

    9. In retrospect, my baby has not had a sick day while in my care. With his now being in the foster care of a woman whom I think has five other children, he has been constantly sick with respiratory problems, fever, diaper rash due to improper cleansing, uncut finger nails (resulting in scratches to his face), dirty nostrils, nor is he kept as clean as a baby should be. He is kept in dollar store diapers and in clothing with missing buttons. He is, however, well dressed in the pictures she took of him and passed around at the hearing.

    10. The first night he went into the care of the foster woman, he was sent to Children’s Hospital in Atlanta due to one of his eyes rolling back. I can’t help but feel something happened to him the day of his transfer to her having caused this to occur. In addition, he has a problem gripping onto the nipple of the bottle that the foster woman supplies (due his overbite) and therefore becomes frustrated in not getting the amount of nutrition he requires (i.e., drinking less formula than what he drank when with me to include a teaspoon of rice cereal in each bottle (which the dr. ordered and he no longer gets). The foster woman will not change the type of bottle even though I have offered to supply not only the Dr. Brown bottles that my baby was on when home with me, but also some of his clothing. She has declined all. This woman et al, at the court hearing, claimed that my baby was diagnosed with ‘amblyopia’ due to my drug use. For all those hate-mongers present how dare they come to such a conclusion when the terminology “amblyopia” means nothing more than my baby having a “lazy eye” which is quite common among many newborns? In truth, most eye problems cannot be properly diagnosed before a child reaches at least the age of three. As for the hair follicle test they claim to have just done on my baby, that should have been done from day one, not now two months later. How do I know (considering all the trickery pulled by DFCS and the foster woman) that someone did not since tamper with the baby’s hair and/or the test? According to those who have investigated DFCS’s methods, test tampering is nothing new. (Please refer to the exposé as presented by former State Senator Nancy Shaefer as to Georgia’s DFCS trickery and unorthodox methods of operation. https://parentalrights.org/child_protective_services/

    Since I was deemed to have been on illegal drugs, it is the same as saying that the hospital where my baby was born (Northeast Georgia Medical Center) makes it a practice to let drug babies go home without testing either of us. How inane is that? I have never been a user of illegal drugs, and if I was, neither I, nor my baby, would have ever been released from the hospital since all mothers and their babies are each (blood and/or urine) tested for drug usage. In addition, I have since twice forwarded to DFCS 126 pages of all my past health records, none of which indicate that I am a user of illegal drugs.

    11. The foster woman being employed sends my baby to daycare and has stated that two of her kids, ages 12 and 16 are excellent baby sitters. This I am not comfortable with. Nor does it make any sense to place a 7-week-old baby (at that time) in day care, especially when sick. I am inclined to believe this foster woman is more interested in the monetary compensation she receives from the state for such services, rather than personally render him the required time and care that is due a baby of his age.

    12. In summary, it was on April 9, 2018, that I was denied custody of my 12 week baby due to the collusion, corruption, prejudice and downright perjury by those associated with the DFCS. Being UNJUSTLY accused of being an unfit mother, I was represented by a court appointed attorney who clearly turned out to be in cahoots with the “system”. This hearing was in all actuality a true “kangaroo” court hearing. I was asked questions by what seemed to be two prosecutors (one for the state and the other from DFCS). 90% of all questions asked were irrelevant and/or were extremely biased. Such questions in a normal court proceeding, (that is if we could have afforded our own legal representation), would have been immediately and strongly objected to. I was so meanwhile nervous that I had a full blown anxiety attack being the target of ridicule and mockery. The more ridiculed I was, the more nervous I became, and the more confused I became with the irrelevancy of many questions, wherein I could not even speak loudly enough to intelligently answer some questions.

    13. Not an hour after returning home from this mock hearing, I get a call from the present and third DFCS worker saying I will not be getting my baby back. She the next day called and told me I should sign for adoption purposes. WHAT??? OMG…where and who do I turn to for help? DFCS HAS LEGALLY KIDNAPPED MY BABY AND I WANT HIM BACK!

    There are more details that can be written, but am so mentally torn apart from having my baby ripped from me that my health, which isn’t the greatest to begin with, is now at high risk. Unfortunately, there are no more “Senator Nancy Shaefers” in Georgia to take the bull by the horns…not at any senatorial level at least, nor anywhere else…all are fearful of upsetting their present seats, to include the bench. I pray that somehow and someday, perjurers and manipulators of the Georgia DFCS system will suffer the same pain they have unjustly caused so many others and me.

    Whoever can help me get my baby back I shall forever remember with the greatest and deepest of gratitude.

  13. N KATH says:

    We just had a child and certian things were not documented for instance it was all natural birth no major pain meds when the child was born there was redness in there eyes that was not documented from lack of doctor worrying about going on vacation. So we had our one week check up and she then noticed the redness and reported it to dhs as abuse, the appointment was on Friday and CPS or dhs didn’t show up till Monday claiming we abused our child and told us we had to go to the hospital and get a CT scan so we went willingly didn’t get a CT scan but a different doc looked at the baby and said there was no sign of abuse but only natural pressure from birth yes we were angered at our OB doctor and called her asking why she made such claims only to be told she never did but then said she would change the document which would be tampering correct? I just want to know if we could sue or at least get them fired for false documentation I would really like to know I’ve called lawyers but never get any response what should I do?

  14. I am a former Child Protection Worker, Former Therapeutic Foster Parent (fostered 60) and adopted 10. I was an abused/unloved child growing up, so when I turned 18 I promised myself and God , that someday , someway I would help abused kids. I promised to never forget what it was like.I wanted to fight for children’s rights because of the corruption I witnessed as a CPS worker. I was accepted to law school in 2001, and we moved from Ohio so I could attend classes for a year, then planned to move back home and and finish closer to home.Our 5 older kids were grown, and we had 9 adopted children.Michigan knocked on our door one day and took them. We fought for 2 months before getting them back. The county I had worked for as a CPS Worker , had lied to the county where I was to start law school, and claimed they felt we abused our kids but could never prove it. This was retaliation for going up against them as a worker. Michigan placed our kids with their friends in unlicensed homes, and told our kids they would be adopted by the reporter, the school nurse, who made wild claims, and told our kids she wanted them so she could quit work. She told them we only adopted them for their adoption subsidy. The children were neglected and abused in Michigan foster care, and were traumatized by the removal. The psychological evaluations showed we were in need of 0 services, and perfectly equipped to handle our children, despite their emotional and behavioral problems. We were sent to Parenting class, and the Teacher looked into our case and said we were done wrong, and I should be teaching the class. Once we got our kids back, the workers violated court orders to set up services so we could return home. Then when they tried, our home county refused to provide services because they didn’t like me.This is why I had quit working there, they hated me so much , that the Prosecutors Office and Sheriff’s Office, had refused to investigate child sex abuse, to get back at me. The deputies had set me up to have me killed twice, which was documented, and reported to the FBI. Nothing was ever done.Finally , we returned home, and our county started removing some of our kids, one at a time.The workers were the reporters, and there was no abuse or neglect. ever found. Allegations of “emotional condition of the mother” was listed because I didn’t continue to call a Respite Worker, and another child was removed because I couldn’t drive to their office the moment they called,and the other one was because one child “might” run away. They took custody and we never got to see them again.I filed everything possible , even USDHHS had a open case 5 years. Every agency told me the same thing, they can do what ever they want.The kids are grown now, but the damage done can’t be repaired. Last October, my memoir was Published The Will of a Wildflower. I expose our corrupt system. I pray it will become a required reading for all social work students. Every worker I know , said their education didn’t prepare them for their job. When I observed severe neglect to children by workers, that resulted in harm, the Prosecutor told me our county couldn’t afford a law suit. I am took a huge risk by publishing this book, I hope people read it , and become as outraged as I am. For the people who think I deserved to have my kids removed, because I had removed kids, you are right. I thought I was an expert, but I wasn’t, until my kids were taken. Only then, did I get a proper education. I worked as a CPS worker again, they wanted to make me a Supervisor, but I refused to remove children.I quit when I was ordered to lie on a mother to a Prosecutor, to take her kids away forever. The stacks of lies about us were never allowed to be disputed. Workers laughed and said they were making it so we could never adopt or foster again, or work with children.Workers and the Juvenile Court lied to another CPS county, and said we neglected a child that they had custody of, in effort to get us prosecuted. If I hadn’t had documentation that they had custody,they would have finally got what they wanted, us charged with something.Once it was determined they were the ones who neglected the child, nothing was done. This is out of control, they do what ever they want, and nobody is immune to it, or has any way to protect them self from it. Kids are being damaged by our government, and we are all paying for it.

  15. whizkid says:

    It’s been a long time, unfortunately my brother’s appeal was rejected.

    The appeals court said they conducted their “independent review” and found no cause for relief. Even though we cited that at his trial he had ineffective council and they didn’t give him a fair trial.

    I’ve seen so much misrepresentation. My family has been hurt and my brother is holding on as much as he can. But these people are relentless, officers from the Sherrifs department just violated him for not signing a paper that had his nationality incorrect since he is a US citizen and it said Mexican. They even had his birth place as listed Puerto Rico. So…


    When Hitler committed his attrocities I’m sure his paperwork was in check. The courts are trying to keep this case quiet. Probably in the same fashion they handle other similar cases.

  16. Daimy says:

    I am currently in a Custody Battle and my sons dad presented a false picture which the court has decided to over look and I am potentially facing being charged with child abuse. I would like to get some legal advice what would be the steps to take if I do in fact get charged with child abuse. I am located in Spokane,WA. Please I would love some answers.

  17. Adam Schmitt says:

    I am being accused by my ex of sexually abusing my oldest daughter… this accusation is coming forth in a highly contested placement issue. She made the accusation during a contempt hearing I filed against her. My ex says my daughter said it, but I can’t confirm it because my ex has kept my kids away from me for 8 years! She has schizoaffective disorder and has spent years trying to keep my kids away from me, and the family court judge is getting sick of it.. he was chastising her in court, then out of nowhere came the accusation. The accusation was very vague.. daughter doesn’t remember times or places supposedly, just that she felt uncomfortable (again, as told by the mother). I’m scared because I didn’t do anything and she’s only doing this as a tactic to further her alienation. Can I call you to discuss and get some help? In as indigent as they come.

    • admin says:

      Email sent

      • Stef says:

        My son is going through a similar situation. His daughter all the sudden reported to her teacher that her dad had touched her bum. We are pretty certain this is a tactic that her estranged mother has convinced her to say in order to get her to live with her. He recently moved across the country for a better job. He has an attorney. Any advice on how to proceed would be very appreciated. The forensic doctor found no evidence of trauma. Help please. How do I help my son? He did not do this.

        • admin says:

          Dear Stef,
          There is seldom evidence of trauma. Do not let your guard down by thinking the doc will say the alleged assault did not happen. Call and I will try do give you some more specifics. Our number is 419-865-0513.

          Kim Hart

  18. Heather Yeley says:

    I am having a issue with DHS in Oregon as there was a false report of physical altercation with me and my nephew. Then they turned the investigation around and gave me a founded for neglect for letting my nephew talk to his daughter when we seen him in public. There is no record in DHS that states they can not have contact. Please help as I have lots of documents to support everything I am talking about. I need help but dont have the money to fight them. Please help

  19. Andrea Robledo says:

    I am totally lost on what to do! My friend was accused of continuous sexual Assault of a child. In 2013 and went to court 2017. Through all these years I witnessed him remaining calm and almost worry free until the end of 2015. He realized his wife had been having an affair since the beginning of the allegations. The child recanted at least 5 different times. Once I talked to him I realized in his mind he thought surely nothing would come about these charges because he was innocent. Child’s story changed many times, no DNA, medical testimony says everything was intact. The DA offered a plea deal of probation and he almost took it but after hearing he would have to admit guilt he could not do it. He went through trial where the DA had the 17 year old dress as if she was 8 and he was found guilty. The judge could not hand down sentencing right there and then saying the evidence presented was to conflicting. Those were exact words. How do we sentence a person to 25 years with conflicting evidence? Isn’t it suppose to be beyond a reasonable doubt. Conflicting means doubt, right or wrong? The mother was proven in court showing manipulation using the children to get what she wants. How in the world does it come to convicting someone based on an out of control kid? A kid who admits to lying to get things she wants under oath? Our judicial system is failing many many people when it comes to these charges. Changed need to be made. This man is in prison right now and I feel like I am fighting the world right now to help him. Anyone know where I can get assistance? I think I need all the help I can get.

  20. Mrs Smith says:

    [Domestic Violence (Misdemeanor), DCF involvement with substantiation and follow up with investigations, Risk Of Injury to Minor, Arrest Warrant]>>False Allegations

    My grandson’s wife whom my grandson had been paying $1000 per month (for several months), and paying for the maid servant another $1000 to take care of home and cleaning the house, complained to the local police when he refused to give his wife $500. She claimed that the money he was giving was for their daughter who was just over 2 years at that time. My grandson had no access to all the money that he gave his wife for all the past months. (( NOT to mention he was paying for ALL the other dues, including eating outside, groceries, insurances, TWO cars, utilities and what not. HE wasn’t making enough money in his new business and wanted to reduce his expenses))
    HE countered to put that money $500 (or may be more every month depending on how the new business would do) in some kind of College fund. His wife adamantly said he should pay her money otherwise she will call the COPS on him. She had threatened him to do such things in the past and he was tired of it so he went to his business after the argument and she called the Cops on him saying that he hurt her ( he never ever hurt her or touch her ever, The MAID can corroborate to that and also, he is a professional and well respected in his peer),She even went on to say that he did terrible things (sexual in nature) to his daughter (to whom he love her to death),
    Obviously, DCF got involved>> Substantiated without interview and case went to ON-GOING-SERVICES.
    She got temporary custody of the kid and since the day of DV allegation, he never went back home (court ordered and he complied even though his wife contacted him again and again for all purposes like money, needing some help to take the kids, and she let him meet the daughter too)
    Also Detective from the local police got involved>>> charged him INITIALLY with Misdemeanor and later (after 10 weeks charged again) with Risk of Injury to Minor with the arrest warrant. (He was not arrested as his mother was sick with terminal cancer and he had left the country before the warrant was even issued. His mother passed away recently and he could not come back to the country due to Visa Issues.)He is fighting with US Embassy to let him back for his profession and vindicate himself of all the allegations. He is hopeful to go back soon.
    He was not interviewed by DCF or Police Detective or Psychotherapist (who CLAIMS that some abuse happened to his daughter).
    His wife claims that his baby is too smart and is telling all the bad things he ever did. (which he never did) and is maligning his reputation.
    What should he do? He is scared reading all the cases online and even though he is innocent and well respected by so many professionals, he is scared of the legal process.
    What could he do?

  21. Fatima says:

    Hello my name is Fatima Little
    I received a very disturbing letter from the office of children and family services accusing me of child abuse. I told them I’ve never been accused of child abuse ever! They’re telling me when I was fingerprinted for my job that was the findings. I’ve been fingerprinted for several jobs and was never told that. I asked if I can know where the allegations came from they told me they didn’t have that information. I would have to wait a few months to receive a form, fill it out and send it back. The woman on the phone also told me that they sent me a letter in may which I never received. The end of the letter says that I have been found the subject of indicated report of child abuse and/or maltreatment, and they informed my job. Please help me because something is not right!
    Thank you


    Hello simple questions one I live in Florida and my husband and I are trying to finish the adoption of my daughter that I have raised since she was 2 weeks old now she is 16 yrs old any how last Friday DCF called and wanted to come speak to her and I was fine with that because it pertained to her last baker act she has been baker acted at least 15 times over the last 3 years suicide is the issues but anyways this Wednesday we her and I had to go and talk to CPT and they asked if my new husband ever touched her in a bad way I said no he spanked her once and that is it well because he is a alcoholic of Beer and works they said he could be charged with sexual assault now this spanking happened over two years ago when I found my adoption lawyer she asked my now husband if he would adopt her as well and he said yes if he abused her like she said why would she ask him to become her dad can you please give me some answers she has a problem with keeping her stories straight so and I know my husband would never do this and he did spank her she has some mental issues that we are getting her tested on right now so please help Thank you have a great day

  23. Katherine Penrod says:

    I had a cps case in indiana start in 2017. Dcs took the kids from my mom in which we had a gardianship paper drawn up between her me and a notary at her bank. The report states that cps took them from our motel room cities away when they were in school in the town with her. Now we are doing tests and classes. They used against me a diagnoses that was someone else with 2 kids but it was pstd in which was not in my diagnoses as something I had and also I have 4 kids not 2. Also we plead to a limited admission and thru out court still use everything from our original report against us. Dcs attorney said to the judge…they are just a couple of drug addicts. Is there anything we can do to win. We thought we did right by our kids in the beginning when we picked up the door we took the children to their grandparents and thought we gave them gardianship but apparently dcs said no. I don’t understand.

  24. Jaymie willis says:

    My daughter was removed from my home due to false positive meth amphetamines low levels proven to be caused by bi-bolar meds. And still 8 months not home . Used a safety plan to get her taken outta state without adjudication for
    5 mo.to her father that has done time for abuse as well as manufactuating meth. And now his live I. GF has been hired by boys town whom is failing to help on behalf . Need lawyer today to get her home now!!! Find someone to represent please. My 8 yr. Old says she wants to run and hide until she can come home. Ease help today! Only get 2 hour supervised visits a week and a phone call when they actually do it with 3rd party. I travel 2 hours for less than 2 hours to see her with boys town which is confirmed t of interest due x husband GF working for them . Used safety plan underderress to remove unadjuidcated for 5 months. Ease find d someone e to represent us now!! Plus didn’t remove my step daughter from home either.

  25. Ashley says:

    I want to sue St.francois county Missouri division of family services everything in my case is false except 2 things and I have not had my kids in 2 years and I have a very good lawsuit just finding a lawyer to take it pleas help

  26. Tracy Nation says:

    Hello my name is Tracy and i am in need of some legal advice . My 17 year old daughter is being accsued of raping a 7 year old boy that lived in same house hold with her . Please email me please and i will go into more detail. My daughter didnt do this and i need help before my daughter go to jail and lose her who life dreams and goals with this over her head

  27. Brandonlyn B Nunley says:

    I had no prenatal care because no insurance. Because I refuse help from a place that stole my children in 2011. So I go in because I thought my water had broke. I don’t think it did break but this hospital made three bogas drug test. My cervix was closed. No labor but the nurses said I did have labor. None. I would have known. They took my eight year old boy after stealing my new born. I am pretty sure I had twins. Would this be a crimnal case?

    • admin says:

      Dear Brandonlyn,
      You would need to gather all of your medical records and talk to a personal injury lawyer to see if anything can be done.

  28. Sandra castelan says:

    Hello I just want to get a little advice I have an uncle that was acussed by his ex wife’s niece that she was sexually molested by him to all this her mom also says that when she was young he did the same thing to her but for as long as my uncle was married to his ex wife the niece and the mom with the husband lived in his house they would have him baby sit the little girl without any problem and even after his ex and hi had divorced he would take her to eat with his son and would baby sit her and would go out to eat with her parents and like best friends would do stuff together all this was brought to our attention first by his ex wife then they made the report but the ex wife knew before the authorities my uncle has the police report and I have read the report and in the report she says she didn’t know anything until the authorities told her about it so his now lawyer told him that he has to plea guilty because it’s her word against his so even if he tried to fight it he won’t win they have no evidence of any kind just what the little girl said and what the mom said and the report that is all the father never made an interview either just the ex wife the little girls mom and the little girl I keep telling my uncle to fight for the case because the lawyer just told him that it’s the only option last week he had a hearing they had told him prior to the hearing that if they’re was no evidence that the case was going to be dismissed so there is still no evidence of any kind but has been told to plea guilty can he fight it or he really has no option please help I don’t think it’s right what they are doing to him

  29. Linda says:

    My husband was fasley accused of a sexual assault and senced to 45 years without any DNA

  30. morgan says:

    Hi this is my situation me and my bf have been together about a year now he has a 4 year old he sees every other weekend and i have a 10 year old with autism and a 2 year old. We had recently found out that his 4 year old has gotten in a bunch of trouble at school. The first incident had happened soon after i met the 4 year old. my bf son was touching other children’s butts and nothing came about that the second incident happened more recently the 4 year old had pulled down his pants and showed other children his private parts and once in the bathroom something was said about him and another boy touching? i am unsure because we only hear bits and pieces from his ex and the school. After this happend the 4 year old said that the little boy involved in both these incidences was the one who told him to do it. The school separated the boys and that is all that was done about that situation. now about 2 weeks ago my boyfriend had noticed conferences were coming up and seen that his ex did not sign up to go so asked if he could.He went and the school had told him that his 4 year old was doing great with no problems. The next day he received a call from his ex saying that the school had emailed her and told her that parents had been reporting that the 4 year old was touching little girls sexually and his ex said “someone is molesting our son”. 2 days later my bf gets a phone call from his ex saying the 4 year old said that my 10 year old had touched him 2 times.and now cps is investigating. this is the thing my children have never been left alone with the 4 year year old ever! My 10 year old has a tendency to hit other children so i have to watch him at all times and there is no possible way that my son could have done this. I believe that my bf ex is having the 4 year old say these things because she wants to move to another state with the child and has already said other people have done things to her son before and could never prove it. cps has already interviewed the 4 year old 2 times and my bf one time they still have not gotten a hold of me. when the ex told my bf about this she was crying saying that she just wanted to make sure no one has touched my son and things like that and recently tried to with hold his son from him on his weekend with the 4 year old. she sent a message to him this last weekend saying that she wanted to pick him up early and my bf said no. She immediately wrote that he better not talk to the 4 year old about stuff they shouldn’t be talking about and then said what do you think he is going to say in 5 years when he finds out that your dating his abusers mother and other nasty things like that the 4 year old also stated that he couldn’t have a piece of candy or his mom will get mad because he is grounded for the next couple of weeks. Something really fishy is going on here and i am not sure but i think i may need a lawyer do you have any advice?

  31. Morgan moris says:

    I am currently dealing with a bad situation my boyfriend of a little over a year has a crazy ex that he has a 4 year old with her. She has been trying to move States but cannot because my boyfriend has a little bit of custody of his child he See’s him 2 weekends of every month.I have seen his child quite a bit but my children have not I have a 3 year old and a 10 year old that has autism. My son will hit other kids if aggravated so my children are under 100% supervision while by his 4 year old. Recently I received a phone call from my boyfriend saying that his son reported my oldest (the one with autism) touched him innoroprietly on 2 occasions one time my son allegidly went into his room at night and rubbed his genitals and a second time my son stuck his finger up his sons but while camping. I know for a fact this never could have happened!now I document everything because his ex is crazy and has blamed people for molesting her 4 year old before my boyfriend told me there is a no contact order in place but CPS has not contacted me at all about it and It has been going on a month. I was recently contacted by a police investigator who questioned me about my son and I told him there was no way this could have possibly ever happened and I gave him a copy of all of my documents about my son and all of the documentation I have wrote down sense I have known my boyfriend’s child. He still did not tell me about the no contact order and told me my 10 year old could be charged as an adult! This is ridiculous over here say prob. Coming from the child’s mom to be able to prove that my boyfriend is a horrible dad so she can jump states. Right now I am in the dark about what to do this is absolutely ridiculous not to mention when the 4 year old has parenting time with his dad she has been trying to withhold him saying it’s not safe and when the kid is at his dad’s he says he is scared to go home and was grounded the entire time he was talking with CPS! Meanwhile my kids have not seen his son for 4 months and live an hour away! Someone please give me some help or an idea of what to do! This is destroying me and my child and my boyfriend’s lives and there is absolutely no proof of anything happening! The four year old has been inteouble at school for showing other kids his priveys and it was blamed on another child just months ago and the most recent the 4 year old got in trouble for reaching up little girls skirts and then my boyfriend’s ex started saying that the 4 year old was being molested instead of thinking ok what did my child see or maybe it’s just curiosity for his age or something. My 10 year old autistic child is non sexual doesn’t like when people touch him and def. Does not like touching people! This week my boyfriend got a phone call saying he had to go in and talk to CPS next week again I don’t know what’s going on but this seems very shady considering cos has still not contacted me!

  32. Margarita Alvarez says:

    My brother is being falsely accused of molestation,a few years ago he was accused by his 17 yr old daughter and ex step daughter but there was no evidence so the case was closed..he was married to another women with 2daughters from her previous marriage they’ve been married for about 6yrs she caught my brother cheating with there neighbor and 2months later my brother was on his way to work when an officer showed up at his work and took him in to custody he’s had 2-3 different court dates and all they mention is trying to get ahold of the previous county that opened the first case on him but yet they have no evidence and he’s still sitting in jail we all strongly believe his wife is doing this out of anger and just trying to retaliate against my brother she’s also known to have mental issues and was recently released from a mental institution when she filed this accusation this is his first time in jail he’s never been in trouble with the law and he is now 38years old we can’t afford a lawyer and are very desperate with any help we can get he also has a public attorney who is no we’re to be found unless he’s in my brothers court so as far as that he does not have any type of contact with him and my brother has been incarcerated since November 20th please help

    • admin says:

      Dear Margarita,
      It is always difficult when an attorney does not communicate. Send written letters with proof of signature trying to communicate and always (nicely) documenting how many times you called and/or the lack of visits with your brother. After you obtain several, you can attempt to go the lawyers superior and ask for a new lawyer due to lack of communication and breach of faith.

    • admin says:

      Email sent

  33. Lacey says:

    My fiancé and I are being falsely accused of abuse and neglect of our twin daughters. My daughters were born prematurely at 35 weeks. They never went to NICU or had any test ran on them while in the hospital. They failed both of their car seat tests and still was sent home on restriction in riding in the car. They were released from the hospital weighing only 4lbs and 3lbs. They went to the doctor three times the same week and each time the doctor said that they were fine nothing to be concerned with. I noticed that one of my daughters was fussy and her eye was turning red and when I took her to the doctor he said it’s just gas and air so it will go away. She just busted vessel in her eye and that it will clear up. The nurse told me to get some gas drops from the store and put in her milk. I did exactly what they told me to do. The following week my daughter had another appointment at the same doctor and I mentioned to him that her eye got worse over the weekend and it was starting to bruise on the outside of eyes but he wasn’t concerned about her eyes again. He was only concerned because her body temperature was low. So he admitted my daughter in the hospital for her temperature. When we arrived at the hospital I mentioned to them again that I was concerned about her eyes because I didn’t want them to get worse and cause any damage. While at the hospital they ran a CT scan and found out she had brain damage. I was heart broken when they told me that. I cried for hours because I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. I had a bad feeling that they were going to call DSS on my fiancé and I knowing we didn’t do anything to my daughter. The following day they did a x-ray on her and found out she had broken femur, ribs, and clavicle. I was devasted because how did all this happen after she was seen by her doctor four times since she was released from the hospital after being born. The same day the forensic doctor came in and told me that she had called DSS and detective from the county I was living in at the time. My fiancé had to bring my other daughter to be checked as well but I couldn’t see her until I talked to DSS and the investigator. At the hospital my fiancé and I had to sign a safety plan and my dad had temporary custody of my son. We found out the next day that my other daughter had broken clavicle, ribs, ligaments in her neck were damaged. I was crying because I couldn’t figure out for the life of me what had happened to my daughters. We got to do visitation with our daughters twice a month. But as of December 5 2018 we lost our visitation to our daughters and they removed my son from my fathers custody on false allegations as well. Now my father and I get to have visitations with my son twice a month and he’s scared out his mind. My fiancé and I were arrested in October and spent a week in jail. We are out on bond of $100,000 ($50,000 for each child). As of right now we are on house arrest for something we didn’t do making it difficult for us to maintain our daily living and it’s hard for us to find sustible employment. I work as a CNA but I lost my main employment when I was sent to jail. My fiancé also lost his government job due to being harassed by the investigator. I just need advice because our lawyer isn’t doing what he’s suppose to be doing. He hasn’t gotten any medical records for my daughters and I because I had complicated pregnancy. We just need to know what we need to do next.

    • admin says:

      Dear Lacey,
      Your lawyers are going to need to obtain the opinions of experts in this matter. Feel free to call the office for more specific referrals. Our number is 419-865-0513.

    • admin says:

      Email sent

    • Pat says:

      Hi this nightmare is happening in Florida to my nephew & his new wife & their new born son.
      He was born 2 oz on 7/15/19 he was in NICU for 52 days
      Being a preemie he had underdeveloped lungs & was on oxygen he had brain bleeds which hasn’t stopped & on 1/24/19 was diagnosed with Craniosynostosis (skull surgery) scheduled in April.
      I got ahead of the timeline He came home first week of Sept a few weeks he had a cold doctor gave him medicine & sent him home by the end of the month later he had pneumonia exray found several fractures DCF was called & they are determined to take their parental rights & adopt their son. We sre gonna go to trial with all are medical proof ( if DCF doesn’t block are evidence) we will try to prove are innocence & praying the judge & jurors we throw the case out & give our son back. Good luck,Your twin weren’t abused they have a medical problems.
      Go to faultsallagations.org Find lawyer in ur state ( up Dr Holick from Boston & Dr Marvin Miller Ohio

      • admin says:

        Dear Pat,
        If there is anything good about the situation is that it is happening in Florida where pretrial depositions can take place. Feel free to call our office if there is anything you need to ask about. Our number is 419-865-0513.

        Kim Hart
        Exec. Dir.

  34. I says:

    My 16 year old daughter has accused me of child abuse and my boyfriend of sexual abuse. This resulted in my kids being taken away from me and now I’m fighting for them. My 16 year has caused havoc on my family. She has told police and dcf and juvinile intake that she doesn’t get freedom and doesn’t want to live in the home anymore because of it and she will do and say anything to be removed. She is on meds and does have therepy and every care need she could have but nothing seems to help her. With dcf orders before my kids getting removed from my care, I was ordered to call my 16 year old in as a runaway when she left without permission or didn’t return home after having permission to leave. So I did just that. My daughter is extremely sexually active and does dangerous things in order to get the attention she wants which is not safe in anyway. The last time I called her in resulted in her saying I abuse her and my boyfriend sexually abused her in which are not true at all. And resulted in the removal of her and my younger two children. We have been waiting for a prtf placement for my 16 year old and now I’m fighting for my kids to get back in my custody. What can I do. I’m so overwhelmed with the whole outcome when I’ve asked several times for help from many organizations so that this wouldn’t happen. Please help me. I miss my babies so much.

  35. Laura says:

    My husband’s Mother is dating a guy which has a 16 year old daughter in which In the 6 plus years I’ve known this family I have never paid attention to her or even had a conversation with is accusing me of molesting her. The whole family is witness that I have never liked her or spoken to her for that matter because she’s always seemed strange to me. For example I gave birth to my daughter months ago and she insisted on going uninvited and when I tried breast feeding she just kept staring. Shes had history of sleeping with older men as well as do drugs and not to mention my mother in law found pictures of her kissing girls. It’s been over a month and they have not found a warrant against or anything. The girl is going to suppose therapy bcuz she is known to be suicidal so her dad was concerned and put her in counseling just in case. I did lawayer up. Do you think I should be ok? Not to mention her parents history her dad is an ex con and mother is a trooper with alcohol and drug abuse will detective find this in the investigation?

    • admin says:

      Dear Laura,
      It is a good thing you retained a lawyer. No one can say whether or not you should be okay. All you can do is protect yourself and the truth as best you can. Feel free to call us for more suggestions if you like. Our number is 419-865-0513.

      Kim Hart
      Exec. Dir.
      National Child Abuse Defense & Resource Center

  36. Alexis Daria Nitz says:

    My family could truly use some good advise. We have an open case currently with DCF and CPS in florida for medical neglect for my 2 youngest siblings and it is all based on old records from 2017 that was in a prior case. We have no idea how to fight it or make the CPS investigator reread the new medical records and her endocrinologist had also told the DCF investigators that DCF involvement was not necessary at this time.

  37. Kirsten Round says:

    My husband and I owned a daycare for 10 years. We had 18 employees and both worked there. He was falsely accused by a set of twins (boy and girl) aged 5 of horrific crimes of rape. The girl twin had a history of lying which we have memorialized in texts from the mother apologizing. Nothing like this, but in one case she claimed a teacher ripped at a babies arm and another she told a classmate that the classmates father kissed her before he left the school. On her tape she walked into the interview room and within the first 42 seconds says “my mommy is taking me for ice cream after I tell you all about Mr. (my husbands name) penis. It’s just like my daddy’s and then the 45 minute interview started. She never really gave any kind of cohesive story. It happened at home, her mom walked in and asked him to leave. It happened at the museum. She said all her classmates watched and then named the 10 Kids. She said 6 other teachers watched and one carried her to him to be raped. She said that he was running all over the classroom nude juggling oranges. I could go on and on. The boy said nothing happened over and over, after 45 minutes he finally said My husband and another teacher showed him his penis/her vagina in the bathroom. The only reason they could charge him with the horrific charges for the boy was because the girls said she saw my husband put his penis in his butt. Of course we were not given tapes prior to the preliminary hearing and in fact didn’t get them for 4 months for the girls and 6 months for the boys tape. At the preliminary hearing the boy again kept saying nothing happened and the girl told more outlandish stories but to justify all charges they only played parts of the tapes. Including what she said about his penis immediately after saying she was going for ice cream. The mother kept calling in adding to the story. She claimed the girl threw all her clothes around the room saying my husband had “peed” on this and that the kids said he peed all over their face and shoes and their clothes were soaking wet. They did $1000’s of DNA testing and they found like 1 sperm in the boys underwater and NOTJUNG in anything else. Medical – no evidence of rape. About 6 weeks after this the girl now said our music teacher who came for 20 minuets a day to their class did the same things my husband did. The interviews are almost identical. This was reported on September 15, 2017 (my husband was arrested on August 3, 2017, 3 days after they did the interview) the police and DPW did not go out to music teacher until November 8, 2017. They never arrested him, he was not indicated by the DPW. They never arrested the other teacher that also did things. They never questioned any of the teachers that supposedly watched this until after he was arrested. In fact, when they did interview the teachers, they never even asked if they watched this. All of our parents stood behind us and when they called the police, police refused to talk to them unless they thought their child had been raped. The police held a press conference and the media swarmed the school while I he was in jail. I had press chasing my 10 year old daughter and I around in the car. We bailed him out. After many court dates and no discovery we finally put it out to trial. The trial was scheduled for mid July 2018. In May 2018, the kids recanted parts of the story, mainly the music teacher and teacher who showed her virgins. We don’t know because we still haven’t received that discovery. Around that time the police got search warrants for the 4 other male employees we had. Their DNA also did not match that sperm they found. We went to the pre-trial conference in July and the prosecutors asked for a continuance because the mother didn’t want the kids to testify and she also was not cooperating with the prosecutors. The trial was now set for December 10, 2018. My husband and I found out the parents had a tax lien for $110,000.00 for the year they came to us (2015) and she is a physic and he is an on and off bartender. In fact, both were unemployed most of the time wevknew them. We also found they had several lawsuits for non payment of credit cards. Our attorneys somehow managed a meeting with the prosecutors and gave them all the reasons this case was wrong and how my husband is innocent, they also gave them the financial information. This meeting took place about 1 week before the new trial in December. The prosecutors again asked for a short continuance, we were to go to a hearing January 25, 2019. January 15th the prosecutor dropped the case. 18 months of this living hell! The state department had come to the day care the day after he turned himself in (August 4, 2017) and closed our business , they said we could not even have a hearing until AFTER the criminal charges were heard. We are financially destroyed, we have 2 daughters aged 12 and 16, they both have anxiety and depression. Neither of us have worked. I have suffered from depression and take medication. It’s awful what they have done. This is just a tip of the iceberg of things that went on. I am so thankful it was thrown out, but they messed us our lives. We’ve had death threats, this happened in Philadelphia, but we live in a small town and my husband has been threatened when he’s out walking the dog, I get phone calls in the middle of the night. It’s awful! My question is, do we have any kind of case against the police (I question if they had probable cause) the prosecutors and the state for not allowing us a hearing (due process) before closing my business.

    • admin says:

      I put a call into a civil lawyer looking for a referral for you. I will send it by email if I am able to find one that might be interested.

      Kim Hart
      Exec. Dir.

  38. sandra d delaney says:

    Looking for a lawyer to take my case. Falsely accused on 2 different occasion’s I was working at a retail mall for Allied security did not receive a pay check the time I worked there. Me and my wife took the paperwork in on my day off. She took a picture by her phone. When I show up for work on that Monday she still didn’t put it in the computer. She Mr. S. himself had to put my information In himself. Still no pay check. I have a family to feed like everyone else. Also has to get to work. I even let a Have $20 to get to work on also paid for this lady’s food twice even though I did not get paid myself. After I quit on November the 22nd C. H. herself wish me the best. Then she waited five day to bring it to herself to Filed wrongful paper word against me falsely accused. On November the 27th she had officer Houston call me I didn’t answer it went to voicemail my walk to me to call them back so I did. Then that is when things got out of hand then when the officer went mobile she was trying to be nice. After I went and picked up the paperwork. A lot of the reports where wrong. She didn’t put in the report where I got hurt on the job. And allied universal security company took it up on themselves to close my claim. This happen at Clarksville Indiana green tree mall. If anyone can help would be nice.

    • admin says:

      Dear Sandra,
      You can call the office (419)865-0513 for a referral but again, we do not have lists of free lawyers.

      Kim Hart
      Exec. Dir.
      National Child Abuse Defense & Resource Center

  39. Dj Mahoney says:

    My grandson has told his mother that I touched his penis while he was sleeping. This is totally untrue but she is going to xps for a meeting. What should I do?

    • Dj Mahoney says:

      Step Daughter took 5 year old grandson to CPS meeting today. My grandson told them I touched his penis while he was sleeping. They told my step daughter that next week they would be in touch with her to start an investigation and interviews. I haven’t done anything. What should I do now, should I just wait for them to call me or what? I’m not sure what is going on.

      • admin says:

        Dear DJ,
        I strongly urge you to consult a criminal defense lawyer right away. You will probably be asked to go to the police station and/or talk to Child Protection, I cannot stress to you strongly enough to consider not going WITHOUT A LAWYER. You have a 5th Amendment right to shut up, you might want to exercise it right now. You can call the office for a referral (419)865-0513.

        Kim Hart
        Exec. Dir.
        National Child Abuse Defense & Resource Center

  40. Willie C Carroll says:

    I am looking for a lawyer that will work pro-Bono to help a inmate. I have a child sex abuse case. The case has faulty DNA, the child was not sent to have a rap test done on her. Also one of my jurors was doing weekends in jail during my trial

    • admin says:

      Dear Willie,
      You will need to check with the Innocence Project. We do not have list of free lawyers.

      Kim Hart
      Exec. Dir.
      National Child Abuse Defense & Resource Center

  41. I need help to get my daughter’s out if my aunt’s custody she lied about me having no contact paying no support and have proof of my aunt and uncle and x wives parents and there half brother exploiting them and molestation,she has covered it all

  42. Bryanna C Farias says:

    My husband was falsely accused of sexual assault on his 15 year old daughter. Since we got custody we put into play he would never be alone with her because of things he mom family would say an put in her head. This literally came out of no where. She said it was going on for a yr an had sex over 20 time so she could get out of trouble or get special privileges. One she wasnt in trouble that much an she sure didnt get treated differently than our 4 boys. I’m always home an most of that year he worked night shift an only seen the kids on Saturday an Sunday. We are a family of 7 an always together accept when kids are at school an he is at work. She would walk around in her sports bra an basketball shorts. She was in counseling an her counselor said she never once suspected anything only problem was her biological mother. DHS has in in foster care an the dismissed the investigation on March 7. Due to unsubstantiated evidence an her medical exam did come back normal.she also says she is lesbian but in her allegations she made it seem like she was willingly doing it to get her way which is sick an wrong. DHS was going to send her home when they dismissed but she said she would runaway an continue allegations until she gets her way sn move back with her bio mom who is unstable an never had taken care of her an just put on probation for a drug charge also petition child support that she has never paid saying she can support her because she just had her 5th child. His daughter a month before this didnt want anything to do with the BM said she didnt want to go on vacation back home with us because she didnt want to be in the same state as her. We have letters an proof of how unstable an how bad their relationship is. Now DHS went from showing up twice a week to not at all an is talking to the BM an her an her family are driving 2000 miles for court telling ppl they are getting her. Slandering his name on sm an the daughter’s lawyer tried to blackmail him saying if he doesnt take the neglect charge an let her be with mom she has a expert that believes her an make sure he gets charges because the prosecutor investigation is still open for some re reason an they have the same info she has didnt even know 2 investigation were going. The lawyer appointed to him is never available have never met him an we are going onto our 2nr court date in 2 weeks. I have emailed him all this we have left vm an text. We can’t get any help living in a town wi thg only 5,000 ppl an cant afford an attorney. In 2 yrs thy is child went from d’s an d’s to a an b grades on meds for her ADHD an in a stable loving home wi thy support an the motivation to be something instead of abandonment an degrading.we even said if she didnt want her my mother in law who is a foster mom an adopted 2 grandsons recently is willing to help an take her an she will be closer to her mom to visit b it we would know she is still on meds an counseling an safe an she said no she doesnt have a relationship with her even though she talked to her more the last 2 years than the Bm.dhs is letting this 15yr old manipulate an ruin lives. Sorry so much but really need help an tired of dead ends.

    • admin says:

      People without financial means have great difficulties fighting these cases. You need to help your lawyer with as much documentation as you can. Your lawyer can petition the court for the experts that are needed. There are some really wonderful (and really awful) public defenders and court appointed lawyers. If the lawyer is not doing their job there are things that can be done. Call the office and we can talk to you about that if the lawyer is not doing his/her job. Our number is 419-865-0513. If the lawyer is doing what he/she can, help him/her anyway you can.

      Kim Hart
      Exec. Dir.
      National Child Abuse Defense & Resource Center

  43. Debi Allen says:

    My husband of 46 years was wrongly convicted after a completely unfair trial of csc against our angry grandaughter. We had financially supported her and two sibblings throughout their lives as our son and mother’s did not. We went without our own needs to provide all of their needs and pay child support to three mother’s also. Our son gained custody of his second daughter when she was 13 y.o. do to unfit conditions in her mother’s home. We provided rent, utilities, all needs for them in a separate home. They moved from the apt. When she was 16, into our home. They lived with us 8 months until they left after we confronted them with being disrespectful to us, our property, pets, etc. They treated us a “the slaves”, to provide all needs, wait on them and was both completely unappreciative. My husband has told the grandaughter after she commented she wanted him to buy her a new truck when she graduated and put her through Art school…..he told her ” when you turn 18 You and dad are on your own”. Further telling her, after 20 years helping heer dad and all of his kids, we need to live the rest of our lives for ourselves, and she should go to college seeking a more promising proffession. She was always easy to anger, thought she could do no wrong and the adult was always to blame. They left on bycycles just before daylight to call a ex girlfriend to pick them up, love with her and her family. Being trouble seekers, all they had to do was run us down with wild stories. Our son 42 years old, a narcysist, with parental abuse problems since 11y.o. The girl began telling everyone how I had starved her to lose weight. She was almost 300 lbs at the time. A lot of other poor her stories, easily proven by Dr records, therapist reports, family to all be completely untruthfully. Within two weeks, she told her sister in another town that her dad had sexually abused her when she was 3 y.o. and that my husband was paying her to undress for him ten years before. She has at 4 y.o. accused her mother’s boyfriend of the same and between 4 and 9 y.o. was claiming the pastor of a neighborhood church also sexually abused her, other family aware of several others she was also telling abused her.
    Accusing my husband, throughout a year before we became aware on his arrest, her stories completely changed many times. From happening 5 times on every visit every two weeks to one time. And to including her sister in on the undressing for money. The same sister she at first reported telling about it to. Three months after reporting to cps that my husband had abused her, she was caught playing boys and older men online with stories of love and abuse, pity stories, and pictures of her nude body parts including her crotch. She had been caught with the same months earlier amd her dad took her cell and lap top away. This time, the second time being caught, she left the bathroom door wide open and scratched the front of her thighs just enough to draw blood. She claimed it was a suicide attempt, more for pity and having her devices taken again. She was taken to the hospital where she claimed her dad intimidates her speaking in a whisper, looking down, (her acting mode). Then she accused him to cps, police of sexually assaulting her when she was 5 or 6 y.o. she was placed in mental health where the child advocacy center became involved and pretty much fed her pity ego bigger and bigger. Upon release, Sgt at the state police post investigated her claims against her father and questioned her. Found her to be not creditable, a liar. As she always has, when caught in a lie or the inpossibility of what she says, she then claims she sometimez confuses dreams with reality. Coverup. The Sgt.noted this.
    During the process, prosecution repeatedly led her, when she repeatedly forgot statements she had made accusing my husband. Even having her read paragraphs from forensic report. I had hired a attorney who promised a polygraph test, a expert witness and he did nothing from start to finish. We had reports, therapist reports, 7 witnesses and a stack of documents to show she was not creditable, a habitual liar, has accused 11 other men of same, including her cousin 5 yrs her junior who was 8 years old and half her size at the time. Fb messages, texts from other boys she played….more than enough to prove my sweet husband was totally innocent and did nothing but help her all her life. As we both did. At trial, she said she couldnt remember ‘the act’ but remembered telling cps that, after prosecution had her read the report on the stand. She did not say he did it. Council didn’t call our witnesses and didn’t give any documentated evidence to court, didn’t object to anything. Prosecutor running sick stories to the jury as if it evidence. Making his own horrible story. We are waiting appeal now, all faith in the system gone, money gone. My husband ill, just diagnosed with cancer, the drs doing nothing for him since diagnosis three months ago. And she is playing a new boyfriend, his family all new acquaintances who never knew her, crying pity stories on fb for the world still and how hard her life is because of what my husband NEVER did to her. I’m desparate to get my husband cleared of this, knowing it will follow our lives for what we have left, even if overturned. People have been cruel, assume the worst. With all the evidence and her own story changes, so obvious she is fake, a heartless liar. They all knew he was innocent and did this to my husband anyway. The old attorney chunking up to prosecutor like he was so in love, his back to my husband throughout two day trial. Meeting my husband in the jail twice in three months for five minutes each time. Not at all before trial. Not even sending out subpeonas or filing anything with court. Just taking money for nothing. Didn’t try at all. Did nothing to defend. Our lives gone. Praying for appeal to go through but, all faith in the system gone. Helpless. I fixed everything for our children and grandchildren for 42 years, and now when i need to the most, I can’t fix this. Any advise or prayers welcome. May God be with you all.

    • admin says:

      Dear Deb,
      Where is the appeal process?

      Kim Hart
      Exec. Dir.
      National Child Abuse Defense & Resource Center

  44. Elizabeth says:

    Hi, thankfully I am through more of our situation of being falsely wccused of munchaussen by proxy, but still fighting parts of it three years later, and searching for help. My daughter, who was 11 at the time, went through many tests, scans and hospital stays and no one could find out why she was in so much pain for multiple years. Eventually an abuse dr was brought in who believed it was Munchaussen by proxy. Fast forward, they removed my daughter for seven months, until they found that she had a genetic disorder I had been fighting them about all along. Three years later we also found that she had been leaking from her spinal cord and they had missed that. My dilema is the abuse Dr is still not willing to admit she is wrong, even though I have a letter from cps stating the finds are not abuse, and we have multiple diagnosis which were missed and some lead to the need of surgical fixes. I don’t want to fight the intial investigation as I understand it due to no one knowing what was going on with my daughter. But now three years later the abuse Dr refuses to remove the red flag stating “suspicion of abuse and neglect, and high social living situation” from my daughter’s diagnosis list. As a major hospital this list is in the main records that all hospital and drs can see. It causes new specialists to not listen as that red flag sets up a stigma. One even contacted the abuse dr, and she tried to get them to remove my daughter again. Thank God Cps was on our side and stopped it. I went through a formal complaint with the hospital to have the red flag removed as well and the dr and her supervisor refused. To protect her from this woman I need to help forcing them to remove the red flag; not asking for the entire encounter to be removed from medical records, only that it be removed from diagnosis list or even to put resolved next to it. Any ideas would be great. My daughter is 14 and still has night mares at times from this ordeal and fears seeing new drs.
    Thank you!

    • admin says:

      Dear Elizabeth,
      I would contact a civil lawyer to see if you can get around immunity.

      Kim Hart
      Exec. Dir.
      National Child Abuse Defense & Resource Center

  45. crystal a dillard says:

    hey my name is crystal I have dhs case opened up on me and dhs took my 3 year old son form his daddy but they took my son aiden crang from me to I am the biological mother of aiden craig and dhs hand nothing on me at all and they are holding my son in there custody from me for know reason and all I want is help on getting my son back in my custody ps.crystal dillard

    • admin says:

      Dear Crystal,
      If you are offered a lawyer, you may want to accept it. It is unclear why they have taken your children but you will need to navigate around the courts and CPS.

      Kim Hart
      Exec. Dir.
      National Child Abuse Defense & Resource Center

  46. Tina says:

    My fiancé of 2 years is being accused of touching my friends daughter, who I’ve been friends with for years and I’ve known this child the moment she was born. Her daughter specified a specific night and one that I recall be awake and cohearent while her mother was drunk with her “new” boyfriend in another room. Yet they are still trying to find something. My fiancé kicked them out about a month before she stated any of this happened after they were kicked out she immediately moved into an apt with this guy who actually left in the middle of the night she said all of this happened. I’ve known this little girl her whole life and she’s had it pretty rough with her parents mom was on meth most of her life and dad also got into drugs there’s been multiple DHS cases on both of them. My fiancé doesn’t have a record. We are good people. I just want my husband home. This is ridiculous. There is absolutely no evidence other than what her daughter is saying. About a year ago she was caught fondling her sister in the same manner she is describing she was caught watching things she shouldn’t be at my house. She has already shown signs of this type of abuse yet her mother decided to ignore them.

    • admin says:

      Dear Tina,
      Even without evidence, he could be convicted. Call the office at 419-865-0513. There are ways to fight and win these cases but a credibility defense is usually not enough! We do not ask specific questions on-line about cases in an effort to do no harm to the falsely accused.

      Kim Hart
      Exec. Dir.
      National Child Abuse Defense & Resource Center

  47. Tisha Pulec says:

    First off I want to thank you for your time for reading my comment

    My son and girlfriend are dealing with a very tragic situation where the entire case hinges off of ONE Doctor saying my grandson’s injury (femur fracture) could not have happened the way my son said that it happened. They have done TWO FULL BODY scans on my grandson as well as a brain scan and ALL the test come back negative/showing NO other injuries. Also there were no bruises or any other signs of abuse when my grandson was in the hospital. We have talked to two doctors about receiving additional test to make sure there was nothing else going on. Both doctors said “no, his x-rays look fine”.

    My son was arrest on felony NEGLIGENCE as they could not come up with any other evidence to support what the doctor said. This has completely devastated my son who prior to this had only a speeding ticket. He’s emotionally drained and only gets to see his 5 month old son 12 hours a week. This has also been financially very expensive, we are $9000 in so far and are just beginning the criminal side of things. He has two Lawyers one for Juvenile court and one for criminal court.

    I should also add that I am a retired officer and my husband is still an officer at the same agency who did the EXTREMELY POOR investigation that led to my sons arrest for negligence. We need help with experts, someone to look beyond an x-ray and said “yep it’s child abuse” just because there’s a bone brake.

    Once again THANK YOU for your time.


    • admin says:

      We do not list the name of experts on this blog. Please feel free to call the office and we will try to make a referral that may be helpful. Our number is 419-865-0513.

      Kim Hart
      Exec. Dir.
      National Child Abuse Defense & Resource Center

  48. Lora Heiden says:

    My daughter was married to a man that has many mental issues and they together have a special needs child that requires medication to be able to digest food properly. If she misses a meal or a dose of meds it can cause significant weight loss. She already has a weight gaining issue and has required a feeding tube. My grand daughter wasnt gaining as the Drs thought she should and DCFS was called. They had only recently seperated when the child was taken into custody for neglect. When my daughters then husband was questioned he admitted he was not feeding the child or giving her her meds when my daughter was not around which we were totally unaware of. We have had repeated issues with the LCFS case worker to the point my daughter finally got a new case worker. My grand child has now been in care for just over a year. She was 2 when she went into care and turned 3 in september. I feel she is missing out on bonding with her child during her formative years. My grand daughter is now calling her mother by name and saying your not mommy because she refers to the foster mom as mommy. My daughter is allowed to see her child 2 hrs a day and has to drive an hr to get to where she sees her. DCFS stated they wanted my daughter to do a parenting class and mental health evaluation to get her child back and we waited from February to October to finally get the info for my daughter to get signed up and complete those requirements. We contacted the company we were told had to be used and were told the caseworker has to refer and set up those appointments. So at that point she received a new caseworker and it took 3 months to see that caseworker and still didnt have his contact information for almost another month. We went to court for a permenancy hearing at the 1 year mark and had some lengthy conversation with the caseworker and 2 days later he finally had the correct information so my daughter could get set up to take the parenting classes but we are still waiting on an appointment for the mental health evaluation. Court was in February so 2 months ago. We could really use some advice and possibly some legal representation to fight what will most likely be placed on her permenant record even though her daughters father and her are no longer together and he admitted to an act that we know was most likely the cause of the childs medical weight issues.
    Also in the beginning DCFS stated my grand daughter was severely mentally physically emotionally and developmentally behind. My grand daughter had already been having early childhood development(ECD) come and work with her on all of the above as well as with speach because she would refuse to eat or talk much. ECD had signed off on her saying she was where she needed to be that she would be a little behind as she was born 4 weeks early. We have found out that ECD evaluated her in foster care and stated the same to them. She also still only gaining slowly and having vomiting issues as she was while in care of her parents. My daughte and I have both wondered how they see she is still having the same issues and not gaining a lot but still say the liability lies with my daughter. I understand she is a little more cooperative and knows more things than she did at time of placement but she is now almost 4 so I would think that is to be expected. Again my daughter was in a vial relationship which didnt help as well as the father admitted to neglecting the child when the mother wasnt around should this not play a role in my daughter not being held responsible for things she wasnt doing and had no knowledge of?

    • admin says:

      Dear Lora,
      Your daughter needs a lawyer or she will lose her child in my opinion. Call the office for a referral. Our number is 419-865-0513.

      Kim Hart
      Executive Director
      National Child Abuse Defense & Resource Center

  49. Victoria says:

    My 5 year old daughter was accused of “sexually assaulting” another child at her daycare. The director stated that they have started their investigation but my daughter couldn’t attend until the investigation was completed. They never asked my daughter if she inserted her finger in their other child’s private parts. A question popped in my head regarding this scenario… “where was the teacher when this was supposedly happening?” There has been an on-going issue with this daycare and reports of my daughter’s “behavior”. They always point the finger at her for any little situation but never take the time to ask my daughter “her side of the story”. Almost every week I’m getting a call. I pulled her out today and she will not be returning. Do I have the grounds to file a lawsuit against this daycare for false accusations, stress and anxiety, and potential loss of wages due to having to find another daycare for her?

    • admin says:

      Dear Victoria,
      Call the office do discuss this further. It is unclear from your post if immunity would apply. Our number is 419-865-0513.

      Kim Hart
      Executive Director
      National Child Abuse Defense & Resource Center

  50. Ann says:

    Are there organizations in Florida for people facing false sexual accusations (and any sort of support groups for their families)?

    • admin says:

      Dear Ann,
      Call the office 419-865-0513. There are no support groups but I am very familiar with Florida criminal cases.

      Kim Hart
      Exec. Dir.
      National Child Abuse Defense & Resource Center

      • Jr says:

        Are there support groups in Oklahoma city

        • admin says:

          Dear JR,
          We do not have support groups any longer. Call if we can be of help 419-865-0513.

          Kim Hart
          Exec. Dir.
          National Child Abuse Defense & Resource Center

      • Ikim Williams says:

        I have over the last five years, to date
        Been going through madness with CPS. In New Jersey the reason was my wife’s past, which was several years before my my daughter was born.Texas CPS had come out because false accusations made by my mother because she did not want me to move out of Texas. Georgia CPS was also called by my mother. We’ve beaten every case. Know just this week my children’s school called CPS due to a scratch under my daughter’s eye. I am really tired and need to protect my family, can you help me?

        • admin says:

          I suggest you call the office so we can discuss your situation in more detail. Our number is 419-865-0513

          Kim Hart
          Exec. Dir.
          National Child Abuse Defense & Resource Center

      • Saneel says:

        Who can I reach in Maryland for help with false accusations? Thank you

        • admin says:

          Call the organization for any referrals. Our number is 419-865-0513.

          Kim Hart
          Exec. Dir.
          National Child Abuse Defense & Resource Center

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